Henk Krol opens B&B

It was his dream to start a Bed & Breakfast after his political career in The Netherlands. That is now becoming reality. It has been speculated in various Dutch media that it would be in Portugal, Spain or France, but it is in the municipality where he lived for years and where he became known as editor-in-chief of De GAY Krant. Together with his husband Aldo Koning, Henk Krol starts a design hotel with 14 rooms in the woods between Best, Son and Eindhoven.


All rooms are themed. Of course there will be a Eerste Kamer (Senate Room) and a Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives Room), but also a Taiwan Room (Henk Krol, as a parliamentarian, was committed to good relations with Taiwan, a country that is extremely important for The Netherlands and certainly for Brainport Eindhoven), an America Room (together with former ambassador Pete Hoekstra, Henk Krol was one of the founders of the parliamentary friendship group Netherlands – America) and of course a Little Prince Room (Henk Krol is a collector of all language versions of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s philosophical masterpiece, Le Petit Prince).

Miami Nightmare

The other rooms will also be given a theme that is interwoven with the life history of Henk Krol. He once started as a journalist and radio- and television program maker. He founded, together with entrepreneur and gay activist Walter Kamp and Coos Huijsen, the first openly gay Member of Dutch Parliament, the Stichting Vrije Relatierechten. In 1977, he organized the spectacular Miami Nightmare in the Amsterdam Concertgebouw, a nightly event with performances by numerous Dutch artists and politicians. The aim was to support the American gay movement that fought against the American gay hater Anita Bryant. More than 100,000 guilders were collected for an advertising campaign in the Miami Herald newspaper and Time Magazine. With the remaining money Henk Krol started the fight for equal rights within civil marriage.

First country in the world

On April 1, 2001, the Netherlands was the first country in the world to open marriage to gay and lesbian couples. That news went all over the world and Henk Krol gained international fame as a result. Henk Krol was the initiator of the annual Pink Monday at the Tilburg Fair.

After his period as a radio and TV maker, Henk Krol worked as a journalist for De Telegraaf and other media. At the end of 1977 he was asked by the Dutch opposition leader Hans Wiegel to become a party information officer for the Liberal party. This marked the start of Henk Krol’s first eight-year-long period in The Hague.


Henk Krol was then asked to become press officer for ITT.

During that period he founded De GAY Krant in December 1979 as a joke. The magazine initially grew like wildfire and was extremely influential in the gay emancipation struggle for more than 30 years. In 1982 he was the first Dutch journalist to write about AIDS in his newspaper.

State Prize

Henk Krol was appointed Knight of the Order of Oranje Nassau for his “fundamental contribution to the promotion of the social acceptance of homosexuals” and in 2009 he also received the first State Prize for Emancipation.Some other prizes he received are: the Bob Angelo Prize (2006), the LOF prize from the Netherlands Organization of Magazine Publishers and the Lucas Oomsfonds Foundation, the “Nestor of the Year 2015” and the Michiel de Ruyter Prize (2017).